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Effective Event Planning Can Be The Difference Between A Successful Event And Disaster.

Relax We Are Here To Help With Event Planning And Wedding Planning.
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Here Are Our Event Planning Tips, Remember We Are Here To Help!
At Copper Leaf Gardens we understand that event planning can be a little confusing. There is so much to consider and we know you are busy planning invitations, budgets and getting on with lifes daily activities.

This is why we have a dedicated team that will help you to plan your event so that it will be the outstanding event that you both want and deserve. Below are some event planning tips to help you along the way. Remember, that our team is here to help you every step of the way.

We even have event and wedding planning experts on our staff - so you can relax and get on with the more pressing needs for your event.

Event Venue for Denver & Boulder CO

Visiting Copper Leaf Event Center Is By Appointment Only.
You can simply call us at 303-469-0622 or fill in the contact form on this site. We will then contact you to arrange your tour of our indoor and outdoor event facilities.

When you visit you will be shown all areas that can be utilized for your event and the many unique amenities at Copper Leaf including our historic water wheel. Our gardens and beautifully illuminated outdoor Gazebo which is perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Our beautiful Broomfield event venue is just a short drive from the cities of Denver and Boulder. It really is worth visiting to see for yourself.

Your Initial Meeting At Copper Leaf Gardens And Choosing A Wedding Plan And Event Date

Copper Leaf’s initial client meeting will help secure your choice of event date and your preferred package. If the event is a wedding, then you will be able to choose from our wedding packages, you can use our outdoor facilities for an outdoor ceremony, you will also have full use of all the event venue's indoor and outdoor facilities for your desired time. Custom packages are available for all events, whether business meetings, corporate events, holiday parties or any other social events.

Once A Date For Your Event Is Confirmed We Will Hold That Date For Up To Five Days.
An event date can be placed on hold for up to five (5) days. This will give you first right of refusal and will pre-book the entire Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center for that specific date.

Please remember that our event venue during peak season is in high demand and you should try to sign your contract and place a deposit as quickly as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Should another customer inquire about the date within this time, the first client will be given 12 hours to secure or release the hold. To secure a date, a signed contract along with a deposit must be received. An event is not considered confirmed until the contract is duly signed and a deposit is received.

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Select Your Chosen DJ, Musicians, Caterers And Others. 
After signing a contract to hold your event at Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center, the venue will choose a list of vendors we feel best meets your event needs.

You will be given contact information and will have 30 days from contract signing to meet with chosen vendors and begin your event planning process.

If you are unhappy with any vendor, we will make a change at no additional charge as long as your request falls within the 30 day period.

Final Walkthrough (see list) Just Confirming And Making Certain That All Goes Well At Your Event.

All clients holding an event at Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center are required to schedule a final walkthrough no less than 14 days, no more than 30 days prior to their scheduled event.

Copper Leaf and a Gourmet Kitchen (caterer) representative, the client, and an event planner (if hired), must all be in attendance. The client and/or event planner must have the following items ready for submittal 14 days prior to the event:

* Room Diagram(s)

* Event Timeline

* List of vendors with contact information

* Any special requests

Weather Contingency Plan

Outdoor gazebo area and garden areas are always susceptible to weather changes. Please discuss your contingency plans with Copper Leaf Management prior to your event. 

Wedding Rehersals

All wedding rehearsals are scheduled one month prior to the wedding date and held the day before or morning of, if available. Rehearsal timing is based upon availability and at the discretion of Copper Leaf. 

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation, the following schedule will be applied: Over 90 days the deposit will be retained by Copper Leaf Event Center; however, the damage deposit shall be refunded in full. Less than 90 days 100% of the total venue rental fee will be retained; the damage waiver will be refunded.

Copper Leaf Services - Our Rental Services

Copper Leaf has a list of “in-house” inventory for use during an event. When a client contracts with us to hold an event at our venue, they will be given a pricing outline. Should the client require additional quantities and/or if the client would like to select other designs, additional charges may be incurred by the client.
Any rental items not provided by Copper Leaf Gardens and Event center must be removed immediately following the event.

Food & Beverage

The client is required to use Copper Leaf’s in-house caterer, the Gourmet Kitchen, for food and beverages served at the venue. Catering charges are outside the facility rental fee and will be billed separately. In rare cases, an outside caterer may be brought in. Contact Copper Leaf if you have a special circumstance requiring outside catering. 


Copper Leaf maintains its own liquor license. All alcohol must be purchased directly from Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center. A menu of choices and instructions for ordering and serving of alcohol will be provided upon signed contract with the venue. Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of your event.


Copper Leaf provides audio/visual equipment and staffing, depending on the wedding package or event details agreed-upon between Copper Leaf and the client. You will find a list of recommended musicians and disc jockey's on our partners page.

Day Of Event Rules

To Ensure all Events Run Smothely As You Can Understand We Have To Have Some Rules.


Time of Event

The rental fee is based on 9 hours of consecutive use time (12 hours for Full Day events), which is agreed upon between Copper Leaf and the client. For Evening/Morning events, event time is 6 hours and for Full Day events, it is 9 hours. The 9 (or 12) hour time block includes setup, 6 (or 9) hour event time, and teardown. It is the client’s responsibility to effectively communicate this and all policies to the event vendors. 

Events must conclude (and be cleaned up) by 12:00 am unless otherwise authorized. Tear down to begin by 11:00 pm with all rentals picked up by midnight.

Morning events must conclude (and be cleaned up) by 3:00 pm unless otherwise authorized. Tear down to begin by 2 pm with all rentals picked up by 3 pm. Additional hours may be secured for an extra, non-prorated hourly rate and this cost is determined by the date/time, number of additional hours and how the space is used.


Safety & Security

For the safety of the client, all guests are permitted to have access to contracted space at Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center. Any loss or damage to the facility caused by guests, associates and/or staff may result in a damage assessment fee.

Children must be supervised at all times and staffing may be required in designated areas. Copper Leaf prohibits any illegal activity or actions deemed inappropriate. 



No decorations or other items shall be posted, nailed, screwed, glued or otherwise attached to the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture or other parts of Copper Leaf facilities or surrounding areas without prior approval. Bubbles and real rose petals are permitted only in the outdoor gazebo area. Balloons must be contained to indoor areas only. Confetti, glitter, rice, feathers, or bird seed is not permitted anywhere on the property. Candles must be contained in glass votive holders, hurricane lamps, or glass pillar vases. 



All personnel connected with the event may not be on the premises prior to or after scheduled event hours, unless previously arranged with Copper Leaf Management. The client may be charged an hourly rate for additional time needed. Outside rentals/equipment not removed immediately following the event may be disposed of with no liability to Copper Leaf and could result in charges against the client’s damage deposit. Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Vendor Management

The client is responsible for all vendor activity during the setup, actual event, and tear down times. All deliveries must be arranged prior to the event day and the delivery time approved if it falls outside the contracted time block. All vendors’ supplies must be picked up at the conclusion of the event unless prior arrangements have been made. All vendors must load in/load out and park in assigned areas. A list of all vendors and an event timetable must be provided to Copper Leaf 14 days prior to the event.



Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center offers onsite parking in designated lots. No parking is allowed in front of the building. Please remove your vehicle as soon as you have loaded or unloaded items for the event. Vehicles are not allowed to be left on Copper Leaf property after the conclusion of the event unless otherwise permitted by Copper Leaf Management ONLY. Vehicles parked in any areas other than designated lots may be towed at the owner’s expense.



No pets, other than service animals, are allowed on the Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center property unless authorized in advance by Copper Leaf Management. 


Noise Limits

Volume control will be at the discretion of Copper Leaf Management and within the legal limits of local law. 



Smoking, tobacco, marijuana, or other substances, is prohibited inside the Copper Leaf venue. Smoking of tobacco is only permitted in outside designated areas where butt and ash receptacles are provided. Marijuana, in any form, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN ANY AND ALL areas of Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center, including the parking lot. 


The client is liable for all damages, expenses and losses, including theft and property loss, caused by any person attending or providing services connected with the client’s use of Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center. Costs will be assessed and charged to the client and/or deducted from the security deposit.

Copper Leaf Payment Policy


Payment Policy

Copper Leaf accepts cash, check, Amex, Discover, MasterCard and VISA (and any combination of these payment forms). The damage deposit, assuming no damages occur, will be returned within 10 business days of your event.

The final invoice is considered past due if not received 90 days before the event date unless otherwise arranged with Copper Leaf Management.

A late fee of $100 per week overdue will be added to the contract total. If the balance remains unpaid 90 days prior to the event date, your event date may be forfeited along with all monies paid up to that point.

Reservations booked with less than the 90 day limit prior to the event require full payment of the event rental fee along with the damage deposit AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.


Security/Damage Deposit

A security/damage deposit is due 90 days prior to the event. If no additional charges are incurred during the event and there is no damage to the Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center, or its contents, the entire security/damage deposit will be refunded within 10 business days after the event.

Copper Leaf representatives will be on site at all events. The cost is included in the rental fee unless the nature or size of the event requires additional staff. In this case, additional fees will be charged to cover this expense as outlined in the client’s event contract. 


Final Payment

If any changes to the contract have occurred after the final walkthrough, those charges will be added to the client’s final bill or charged against the security deposit.

Extra charges may occur if guests have been added after the final walkthrough, there is additional setup or teardown time, additional staffing is required, additional special services, such as additional DJ time, are required, and extra sales tax is incurred because of additional alcohol or menu items.

Terms And Conditions Of Our Event Venue.

The above form a part of our terms and conditions regarding hire of all or part of our event venue. While as a vendor we do not wish to place terms and conditions on you our valued client, it must be understood that the venue is kept in good condition and that every effort is made by our management and staff to ensure that you and your guests are kept safe and without the undue effects of bad behavior and any other unwanted factor that may effect your enjoyment of our venue.

You will be given a full list of our terms and conditions upon confirming your reservation or at your planning meeting, please understand that these are for the benefit of you our client as well as to help protect the facilities at our event venue - thank you for understanding.

Video:- One Of Colorado's Best Outdoor Wedding venues

We offer a high level of presentation and service reflecting our own high standards that we implement with both Copper Leaf and The Gourmet Kitchen Catering also based at our Denver Event Venue.

Watch our video to see what our venue has to offer. In this video you will tour Copper Leaf Gardens Denver Event Venue and see some live footage of an outdoor wedding.
Then the bride and groom will retreat to the Reception Hall with their guests for their wedding reception.

Virtual Tour Of Copper Leaf Gardens.

See the whole of our Colorado event venue in full 3D. You can look inside the reception hall and view our Gazebo and gardens.

We have facilities for indoor and outdoor events such as parties, weddings, conferences plus business meetings and presentations.

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